Buddy Rich or Die Tryin'

by Pocketful of Claptonite

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I've never been comfortable with the word experimental regarding my music. But this recording is the result of an experiment. Once a given, capturing sounds without the visual stimulus of a computer screen is seldom the case today. For this EP, our fearless squadron leader Jesse Mangum used the Force (although that's not the right word either); okay, used the Gently Coax. (Also, is EP the right word? Is EP a word? An word? A necessarily superfluous ribbon around this spooky action at a distance?) And really, is any appellative necessary to present our wholehearted interactions? Semantics/formality/obligatorium noted, operating without a net (haha computer 'net) has attendant challenges and overarching triumphs; we lost a take, yet are left with a complete set.

Pocketful of Claptonite is my dear friends Jamie DeRevere and Darrin Cook and has welcomed in his debut with us another dear friend Jamie Thomas. This version of the group has been percolating in the ether of possibility for a little while now, enrapturing the ones and zeros of my imaginative processes. Making it happen for reals was a beautifully rich experience, and musically speaking, not an experiment, as we knew going in something wonderful and certain would result. Jesse's generosity and the players' spirit shines through. I'm so grateful I can say this is one of my favorite sessions. Enough explanation for now: words can be cairns in the fog of contextualization, and I hope you enjoy the sounds busting loose from any confines they might suggest. Thanks for listening.


released August 15, 2015

recorded, mixed, & mastered by Jesse Mangum at The Glow Studio, Athens GA, 7.14.15

Darrin Cook- double bass and percussion
Jamie DeRevere- drums and strings
Killick Hinds- the Walrus (tracks 1 & 4); Harmonic Isolator (track 2); Tesla (track 3)
Jamie Thomas- electric guitar




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