Enjoining a Sand Garden

by Refracts

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Hearing Sahada Buckley and Monique Osorio perform, I found myself transported to infinite possibility. They have the intangible it so vital to this whole music endeavor. So I am thrilled this project has materialized. What a delight to work alongside their energy, making my poetry jump to life in a decidedly strong group setting. Sahada and Monique are endlessly inventive, enthusiastic, fun, and focused. Lots to digest here. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening.


released April 23, 2017

recorded, mixed, & mastered by Jesse Mangum at The Glow Studio, Athens GA, 4.22.17
cover by Killick Hinds
poems by Killick Hinds

Sahada Buckley, violin & vocals
Killick Hinds, H'arpeggione & Harmonic Isolator & vocals
Monique Osorio, vocals



all rights reserved



Killick Athens

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Track Name: I Live in a Stigma
I live in a stigma

single digit(al) confla(gra)tion

doubles as instantiation

couples etch their initials

on my walls

scratching forget-me-nots

deep channeled fingernail malware

better than a shoe

more real, too
Track Name: Enjoining a Sand Garden
bed haranguers

accruey Louie

enjoying a sand garden

peep it in his can’ts

enjoining a sand garden

altimeter I’ll dance
Track Name: Pure Isle
pure isle

blue censor

electric ruralization

simple pressures

shrimp'll crèche'ers

albumin rotation

shrug a little knocker now, der

wince penance bretheren's whence

wins penants

whoosh a schmoosh a calming schpoosh

this will be your last you ever seem to notice
Track Name: Urban Cacao-Girl
hauntingly dutiful

is the urban cacao-girl

dauntingly rueful

haltingly truthful

compass-nibs amass

point pointedly atlas at last
Track Name: Downward in Assistance
the path increasingly impassable

the path too narrow

the path a shadow of a path

the very hair on our heads

raised aloft to meet

the tree above

whose branches, limbs, and leaves

spill downward in assistance

enjoining our fibers to its

passage now possible

Track Name: Kami
vindicate my miasma

so orate an inania


almost blues me away

allegium can'tata

soused by a guilty aching

in the trough of vibrato
Track Name: There There
there there



how now

so rude

rise above


Track Name: Ask Your Doctorer
a penned ageist

hold my nature's calls

poetry's lam

rack if mages

ask your doctorer

silencio outrages
Track Name: Upper Partials
my rich experience sounds different

it's not diffident

it has upper partials

which are so obvious

were they there elsewhere

the wind its own jazz

not a mask for the grind of resignation
Track Name: The Mechanism By-Witch
the mechanism by-witch

mechanical accrual

do you know how asinine it is

that boys could not wear

their books close to their chest

machismo got the best


hustle weighs more than that
Track Name: Shriven
if the words of my poems were music

I would want them to be microtonal,

that is,

made of the stuff of inflection

they'd be penetrating and soft

angular and angelic and

pushed-envelope filtered

and folding in on themselves

beside themselves with joy and


given not to earworms

(cloy piss) (not judging)

shriven to endear herms

polyrhythmic spirits over technicals

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