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Logistics and flow, specifically as relates to what has become this recording, have commandeered sizeable bandwidth within the me project for a month running. How to capture an approach, a concept, an offering, a clarity: in tandem with material limitations, personality navigation, and necessarily condensed timescale (all in service to the inception and to the result) we endeavor to awaken and release novel and considered cOMbinations of sound. The origins of a wa re (pronounced Uh-wah-ray, but surely unoffended by Uh-wear) began in name and haze, nothing concrete, many years back. I thank my childhood friend Eug DeRobertis for exploring briefly a theoretical sustained space owing less to radio formulas than to ancient and all but dimmed interactions between pitch and texture, rhythm and function. While that nascent version never got off the ground, it did better and planted a seed underground. Today I understand I couldn't have properly tended the now flourishing garden without many interim projects incrementally granting access to this rarified realm, and the experience to make the most of it.

Creating room for unrestricted creativity is work. Good, soulshaking, endlessly stimulating work. And hardly my own. Fred Carlson, Harry Shaffer, Lewis Waters, Rick Toone, Chris Duncan, Tim Schroeder, Tris Mahaffay, Zachary Vex, Mason Marangella, and their crews and inventions and inspirations and so many more besides are riding the bowsprit of this cosmic sailing vessel.

My affection for Jamie DeRevere is wholehearted. He's an exceptional photographer, father, husband, and sure can play those drums. There's not a single wasted brushstroke or missed opportunity to impart color and generosity into our duo. He occupies the songspace fully at a relaxedly propulsive pace.

Jesse Mangum has to be considered an essential third of our group. From the cockpit of The Glow he has orchestrated a perfect storm of technical, artistic, and imaginative harnessing. I am beyond thrilled with what he has done and how efficiently he has done it. Start to finish in a weekend of doing after a calendar page's turn of planning.

For my contribution, I have shed yet another layer of increasingly ephemeral tendrils of fear. "They" have been my stumbling block, preventing me from fully actualizing a dream I had of creating music as if I had never been exposed to music before. The funny thing is, having to greater extent reached the substance of my dream, I find the result quite listenable and relatable. In my dream, the music beyond/beside/beneath/between music was just that.

Thanks for listening.

Peace and Love,

Athens GA 2.8.15


released February 9, 2015

recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jesse Mangum at The Glow, Athens GA 2.6-2.7.15
cover photo by Delene Porter; design by Killick Hinds
conceptual and supply thanks to Jamie Thomas

Jamie DeRevere- drums
Killick Hinds- Big Red harp guitar and Alpaca Quincy (track 1); Rick Toone Walrus (track 2); New Complexity Harmonic Isolator (track 3)


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