Pseudo Dirkschneider

by Crazy Hoarse

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Going into this project, the challenge to myself was to create sounds I'd never played before, and possibly never heard before. There's so much emphasis in the "guitar world" on recreating the innovations of a handful of pioneers. That obviously, to the tune of millions of guitars sold and mountains of equipment shifted, has import and resonance. But I feel there is so much more territory to be explored; this territory doesn't necessarily reside within genre constraints or stylistic purity. We live in an incredibly accessible time. Among so many other changes, all the recorded music of all the world is available with the touch of a button on a little device in our pockets. Why not use this comprehensive repository as a jumping off point?

The exploration within this album is not confined to my contribution; my beloved drummer John Norris has outdone himself with laser focus on making beats like you've heard before but never felt; new context for old friends makes everything sing anew. His performance was captured the day Ornette Coleman left this mortal coil, so I thought it fitting to reference OC in the cover art. The album and song titles continue to access memory by way of excitement of first discovery. (The lyrics and melody for Baldnado arrived fully formed duration a meditation. Where is it from???)

We don't always remember accurately, but in the best of cases, enthusiastically. And Jesse Mangum, our fearless engineer, the heart of sharing a moment through a well-framed snapshot. Thanks for listening.


released June 20, 2015

all songs and lyrics by Killick Hinds

recorded by Killick Hinds at H(i)nds(i)ght and by Jesse Mangum at The Glow, Athens GA, June 2015
mixed and mastered by Jesse Mangum at The Glow

Killick Hinds- guitar, programming, vocals
John Norris- drums



all rights reserved
Track Name: Baldnado
Now it's for certain
The man behind the curtain
Will someday lose his hair
But what could ever stop him
From spinning his head round and round as if and like he just don't
As if and like he just don't care

Bald is as bald does
Thrashing about with the ghost of a lock
Bald is as bald does
Stubble stubble toil and trouble
Receding we will never grok

As if and like he just don't care
As if and like he just don't care