recipe for raster

by Pre-Precipice

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There's a non-linearity about the passage of time I'm fascinated with. This recording is from April of 2003. I found this in the archives (the stacks in contemporary vernacular) yesterday. And today (December 20, 2016) it appears to the wider world. We're in the midst of sweeping changes throughout humanity, some of them wonderful beyond description, and some devastatingly horrible. Which could be said of any era on Earth: what's different is this is NOW, and there are mirrors reflecting back at us unlike at any time prior. Do we like what we see? I have found in my life the answer is yes when focused on artistic creativity, exploration, sharing, and compassion. Less so, sometimes significantly, when not. My best contribution to the collective building and unbuilding of society has been and will continue to be pursuing the muse, channeling deeply pulled (and vital) information, and encouraging dialogue in a time of rant. What's nice to me about this recording is despite any insecurities or misgivings then or today, I knew, truly knew, what to do, a good while ago. Thanks for listening.


released December 20, 2016

recorded live by Jeff Rackley at Eyedrum, Atlanta GA for Improv Fest, 4.19.03
prepared for Bandcamp by Killick Hinds
artwork by Killick Hinds

Colin Bragg- guitar & vocals
Blake Helton- drums
Killick Hinds- H'arpeggione




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