zero depravity

by Garfield minus Hetfield

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This was my second recording in one day, the first being the art's "the art that gives us strength to face the tyrant" album. While different stylistically, both get to the root of things. Improvisational music is not a household concept, and is little understood, even by dedicated practitioners. But it's something I hold dearly, communicating on a telepathic level with another person who just like me is trying to figure out what it is to be human. I'm thrilled to have worked here with Kathleen Duffield. She is an incredible musician with a strong swing plus the subtlety to balance her tympany, an archaic word meaning bombast, all the more fitting given Kathleen's ability to make her toms sound like timpani. Her orchestral sense of the drumkit lets me roam far and wide with the end result sounding full and full of surprises. Industrial R&B, perhaps. Nine Inch Badu. My friend Jason Thrasher asked me to make a punk record as antidote for the madness going on in the world. Of course, engineer Jesse Mangum was on board and captured it radiantly. No metronome, no edits, no censorship, all heart. Here's our punk. Thanks for listening.


released February 13, 2017

recorded live, then mixed and mastered by Jesse Mangum at The Glow Studio, Athens GA 2.12.17
layout by Killick Hinds

Kathleen Duffield- drums
Killick Hinds- guitar (& vocals on track 1)




all rights reserved
Track Name: Garfield, New Jersey
amniotic amnesty

plagiaristix deity

circumvent plasticity

shortchange intrepidity

malleable nonmajesty

and it all goes down in a fictitious town

unlike the very real place

are we recording this?

saving face

savant disgrace

shutterbug leave no trace